The Colegio San Pelayo in Ermua has been carrying out its activity like a teaching center since 1964, and it can be considered the oldest center in the town.
At the beginning this school was an academy which prepared students in three fields: a part of them made studies of Bachelor, by free, first, being examined in Gernika´s institutes and in Eibar afterwards. Another part of them, prepared themselves to join the Armeria School. The last group prepared professionally for their incorporation into the labor market.
In 1972 it became formal education center, where were imparted teachings of Elementary School , carrying on provisionally with the previous studies.
With the enforcement of the LOGSE, it became a center where were taught the stages of pre-school education, primary education and secondary education.


Nowadays, we are a teaching cooperati which manages the oldest center in Ermua, with a comprehensive offer of Pre-school education, primary, secondary and Bachelor (1-18 years).

Our collegue is organized in a line by level (group of 25 students) that allows us a personalized teching and a highly effective student tracking , in order to get a good academic and profesional orientation.


In the 2007/2008 academic-year, we opened up the installations of the new collegue, in the Betiondo neighborhood, where student from 3 to 16 years old are located.
It is and intelligent buildeing with a high presence of new technologies, energy efficiency, care for the encirnment and all tipe of depedencies (music classroom, artistic, computing, laboratorios, workshops…) to make the best education and the most adapted to the modern times.
In september of 2008 we opened up the nursery school from 0 to 3 years, which is located in the center of the town, on San Isidro Street, with acces easiness. Among other facilities it has a “txikipark” which helps in the psychomotor development of students.

In 2011 we opened the High School facilities for which we have authorization for 4 units and teach 3 itineraries.


Our belonging to a bilingual community makes us work in favour of our students being, at the end of their compulsory school attendance effectively multilingual. Base don the respect fot their mother tongue, we develop a method which allows our students to gain throughout educational system a good level of knowledge of the two oficial languages (Basque and Spanish), as well as other European languages (English and French).

The needed motivation of the students, that allows them to work with the necessary effort to obtain a good performance, has to come from both the family and the school, and in some cases, it has to come at the same time. All this wouldn´t possible without a comunication system and the encounter between school and families based on the affable, close and immediate treatment, when it is required.