The Curriculum of Colegio San Pelayo will consider, on one side, the official areas and subjects that are pointed in LOGSE. Moreover, the English Language will also be taught from the age of 3, the French Language from the age of 12 and we will incorporate a STEM program at all stages.
At the first two stages, in all the areas, as far as possible, the classes will be bilingual. Nevertheless, and considering that the mother tongue of the most of our students is the Spanish language. Will be this language the one to address reading and writing, and this one will set the guideline as a way of learning.
In order to compesate the difficulty of learning Basque, in the extracurricular activities if possible, students will be spoken in this language. Furthermore, will be programmed language training courses annually. The period of these courses will be one week in primary education, and will be carried out in shelters of the Diputación.
Other activities will be developed throughout the course too, around specific programs (Tolerance week, Ecological week…) that we consider must be contemplated in our idea of integral formation.


The Work plan of the school will always consider some Collateral Projects, routed to supply the possible deficiencies of the official program. They will be routed to serve as educational resources in its development.
Technical secretary will perform the projects and the intervention of teachers and the tutor of each course will be indispensable in the realization of each Project.
For subsequent development with students, will be delivered a copy of the Project for each teacher. It might be modified, depending on the difficulties presented on its implementation, in consultation with the school board
Both in the development of official programs and collateral projects, two aspects will deprive, under a methodological point of view,: interrelation and interdisciplinarity.


From the tutoring of all groups, which from E.S.O. It will be with a ratio of less than 15 students / tutor, personalized improvement plans will be made for each student after each evaluation.